dED are on a mission to help untangle, expose and end UK University ties to the Globals arms trade.


Starting with The University of Manchester (UoM) dED’s birth institution, we are working to build research and find solutions so that institutions can meet their objectives without comprising ethics by remaining involved in one of the deadliest industry in the world.


1. Build a report which will address how divestment will affect the University of Manchester and students, and what alternative investment solutions there are.


2. Create a database which compares all UK University involvements in the arms trade so a benchmark can be set.


3. Tour UK Universities and hold facilitation workshops for students so they can also work to untangle, expose and end UK University ties to the global arms trade.


4. Offer divestment consultancy to UK Universities to find tailored strategies for their divestment programme helping to ensure future investments remain ethical.


The above strategy covers the next 3 years.  


Demilitarise Education was born from students who were involved in both the Campaign Against Arms Trade and Boycott Divestment & Sanctions. These two societies came together to expose just how ‘Entangled’ our university is with the Israeli arms trade. But it isn’t just Israel UoM holds research and investment ties too. UoM is also supporting numerous companies who supply and benefit from some of the worlds most aggressive military regimes. University management admitted that students are the universities are their biggest shareholder, yet they fail to consider that their involvement in the arms trade is a breach of their ethical policy and how offensive it is to students affected by international conflict.

That is why students across the country are coming together to ask their universities to end their involvement in the International Arms Trade.

dED will aim to share our research & developments here and via our blog.